Chris Youakim

Wellness Warrior

Central Coast, Australia

“Empowering his patients to reach and live their full potential”

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Dr Chris Youakim is a Wellness Minded chiropractor who practices a diversified form of chiropractic. With over 30 years of experience his passion for healing has led him to develop a multimodality approach that combines the best of hands-on therapeutic touch with advanced gentle chiropractic techniques using the latest technology.

Dr Chris established Chiroflexion as a clinic that specialises in restoring structural and mechanical integrity to the Spine and Nervous System. Chiro-flexion refers to a Hands-on approach specialising in Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy FDT that uses a Motorised Flexion Distraction table.

Dr Chris’ purpose is about “Empowering his patients to Reach and Live their Full Potential”.